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Do you like chatting on Chatroulette or Roulette Chat Sites? Have you tried ours chat roulette alternatives? TWS Chat Roulette serves as an alternative to chatroulette and also gives you more random chat features including sending videos during chat. Our chatroulette alternative gives you the option of sending pictures during chat and also send voice messages. Users have a set of cool emoticons they can use and also chat anonymously by using nicknames while chatting with your partners on roulette chat. Our system will find a match for you from around the world and connect you to to have 1-1 random roulette chat with a stranger. On this platform you can chat all you want and even make new friends by chat roulette. Use chat roulette to talk with random people online and make new friends. TWS Chat roulette alternative is free and best chat roulette alternative chat site you will find on the internet.

Talk With Stranger - Free Chat Rooms for Everyone 2019

TalkWithStranger is the best online chatting website to chat with strangers & meet new people online. We have lots of different ways to chat online such as random chat , global chatting, public chatrooms forum , TWS Private Modern Chat, Voice Chat. We also have best entertaining features to keep you entertained on our chat site for hours. Check TWS Fun to read jokes, quotes, & facts on all type of topics. Our free chat rooms have 1000s of people chatting with other people all around the world in our international chatrooms. Our all online chatrooms are 100% free for our users to chat online without registration, without any login needed or sign up. You can start your instant chat quickly with no login and no sign up needed at all. No login and no registration is needed to join our free chat rooms. You can use Talk With Stranger to Chat online and free chat freely with other strangers near you. Our people have many different interests and always finding chat with strangers app near them. We have many cool chatrooms to let you talk to someone in private 1-1 chat, chat with girls & females , talk to boys, chat with someone online.

ChatRoulette Alternatives

Many people like chatting on Chat roulette. They are a source of entertainment for everyone. You can visit the Chatroulette in your spare time and have a lot of fun.

Talk With Stranger serves as the Chat roulette alternative and has more features like video chat, sharing pictures and videos, group chat, etc. users also have an option to send emoticons during text chat to express their reactions. You can chat anonymously by using a nickname. Press the Chatroulette Alternative button and enter into a new world.

The best feature of TWS is the match feature. It connects the two people with the matching interests to chat 1-1. You can chat about anything you want and anywhere you want. The chat is absolutely free and doesn't even require registration. Chat online with random strangers and have fun. It is probably the best chat site on the internet.

The most interesting and demanding chat room that today's generation likes is the love chat room. In this chat room, you can have a love chat with your partner. Spread love and get love. If your blood is all filled with love and romance, then do join the love chat room and show your partner how much you love her and vice versa.

Are you looking for a Chatroulette alternative to chat with strangers? Are you looking for real people and no bots?

Talk With Stranger - The Best Chatroulette Alternative

TWS works exactly like Chatroulette having more interesting features like sending videos and pictures during a chat, inserting smileys and emojis with text messages to make them more meaningful. You can chat anonymously without letting the other person know who you are. Make new friends and chat with random strangers to kill your loneliness and make your life super exciting. It is a free and most preferred Chatroulette alternative to meet new people and make new friends.

Chatroulette Alternative 2018


Just like Chatroulette, Omegle allows users to chat with people from all over the world via video chat. Omegle has a massive community of online users that are searching for new friends. Teenage girls and boys use it in large numbers to chat with each other and have fun. Connect with random strangers fastly using Omegle. No registration or sign up is required.

It was launched on March 25, 2009, and since then this site is becoming popular day by day attracting many users towards itself. The Number of boys is more on this chat site than girls.

Omegle has a tag named 'country' in which you can choose people for chatting by selecting the country. The video chat feature allows you to chat with random strangers face-to-face.


In the beginning, Omegle only offered a text chat feature that connected random strangers to chat. In 2010, there was an addition of a video chat feature that allowed users to have 1-1 live video chat using a webcam.

2011 was the year when a new feature 'Spy Mode' was introduced. In Spy Mode, the user has two options: to be a 'spy' and ask questions from two strangers or discuss a question with another stranger. The spy can quit at any time and the other two strangers can continue to chat.

Omegle made an addition to text and video chat in 2012 by adding an option of an 'Interest' tag. While creating profiles, the users were asked to add interests. This option allows users to be paired with a stranger who has something in common with the user. If no match is found, the user is connected with a random stranger to chat with.

In 2014, a feature named 'Dorm Chat' was introduced, that required users to provide an email ending with .edu. This helped in identifying that the email is associated with a college or a university. Dorm Chat allows users to chat with their classmates about studies and other related things.


ChatRandom is another great Chatroulette Alternative for video chatting with people. ChatRandom has made its name by introducing many interesting features. It is above all other chat sites. Fast connection and easy access has made this site more popular.

Its top of the line features includes the ability to open full screen during chatting, group chat that allows users to chat with multiple people at the same time. The Gay chat room allows a boy to have a chat with a boy.

Do you like Random Roulette Chat sites like ChatRoulette?

Are you a Teenager, Adult, or boy, girl, men or woman? Do you want to chat with someone like you ? Were you looking for the best random chat roulette site to talk to random people and chat with strangers in free chat rooms? Were you looking for roulette chat site with no bots and only real people roulette?

Welcome to Free Random Roulette Chat Rooms website for online chatting!

Our Roulette chatting website works exactly like chatroulette and also provides you more random chat features including sending videos during chat, sending pictures during chat, use emoticons, and use nicknames while chatting with your roulette chat partners. We will match you with a fellow around the world to have 1-1 random roulette chat with someone. You can make new friends by roulettechat talk and chatting and talking to random people online here like chaterbate. It is free and best chat roulette alternative chat site. It is the best roulette chat site to meet new people online and make new friends! It is the best roulette chat site to meet new people online and make new friends!

Free Online

Simply put your username below and click let's talk button to start your roulette chat. Unlike other chatting sites, our roulette chatting website is totally free to use and does not require any registration or login. Our website also provide mobile chatting experience. Chatting with a random person is 1 click away!

Please read the following rules before using the TWS chat services or before joining any chat rooms. Any violation of these chat rules will lead to your account being banned from Chat.

  • Be kind and polite in our chatrooms
  • Respect other humans and users.
  • Include everyone when using public chat rooms.
  • Listen to the moderation team and follow their guidelines
  • No bullying, no sexism, no racism, no homophobia or other hate-based chat. We take strict action against those who spread hate.
  • Do not spam words, bad words, mature words or use all-caps
  • Do not use any adult words, pictures or sexually suggestive content. 18+ and mature content is strictly prohibited on all products of TWS. This is a family friendly chat website.
  • No spoilers to a game, TV show or film
  • Don’t argue with people over chat — especially the moderators
  • Don't fight or disrespect with other strangers, this site is to meet new people & make new friends.
  • Use the language(s) spoken by the broadcaster (so they can reply to what you are saying and other people in chat can understand the conversation)
  • No advertising or self-promotion.

You should also consider the following while using this chat avenue or any other chat services available on the internet.

  • Don’t do or say anything you will later regret in any TWS Chatrooms.
  • Your chat, text, audio, or video, can be easily recorded and used against you.
  • If you are being bullied, report it and blacklist the user.
  • Do the same if you witness someone being bullied.
  • Don’t share personal information with anyone you don’t personally know. Professional scammers will phish for your information.
  • Don’t leave anything personal in view of your video chat, such as family photos or any other sort of detail an abuser can use to track you down.
  • Teach your children how to be safe while using any of these services. While most of them are heavily moderated, there are still some clever deceivers out there that are predators.
  • Have fun and enjoy the free chat services offered on this chat avenue… that’s what it’s all about.

Please keep the chat clean or you might get banned for any of the rules mentioned above. We are also working on a "Report" feature that will let you report bad users easily.

  • TalkwithStranger is the safest and fastest way to meet and chat with random people online! It is the best free chatting website on the internet.

  • Chat, send text messages, send voice messages, pictures, videos, animated gifs (pictures) and winks. We know a picture is worth of 1000 words, Feel free to express your emotions and feelings with other users. Contact thousands of singles right now completely free with our random text chat with random people online on this free chat line!

  • Easier access to like-minded people: Birds of a feather flock together, and they are happier that way too. You might feel alone in the real world situations and there are hardly any people who understand you but instead of being frustrated you now have a whole new world of opportunities to find your flock. People that you belong to. Chat forums provides you access to hundreds of people.

  • Allows time to reflect: As social media is a written medium you can actually think before you type hence allowing you to reflect on your opinion, It makes your comeback more sensible and more likely to be takes seriously.

  • Social equality among shy and loud people: Anonymity on the web allows otherwise shy people to voice their opinions. Also unlike daily life situations where loud people get the limelight, everybody gets an equal opportunity to express themselves.

  • Larger outreach: Though speech is a powerful medium the written word has its own value, it reaches more audience and it gets documented so I can be shared to get your ideas across. It also provides you time and space to understand others opinions and ideas better. If you are a small community you can share your traditions and culture over the internet to make it more mainstream. Plus your dating scene is not limited to your town anymore. Get international and find the cupids arrow through your heart.

  • Our free online chat rooms community service is open for everyone. You can have clean chat, teen chat and much more. If you were looking fore best free online dating sites you are at the best chat site.

  • Everything gets documented: You got to be careful on the internet as whatever you post will stay there and come back lashing at you at any point in time. So it is very important to be cautious about what you share on a personal and public level. Never put your address or your children’s school address over the net. Don’t ever post or share pictures that might hurt your reputation in the future.

  • Broadens your horizon: Internet has brought the whole world on a single platform, in an international chat room or a social media profile you can get gazillions of ideas of ideas about any and everything. Want a makeover there are hundreds of tutorials and self taught artist available, you want to redesign your house get help from thousands of pictures posted online.

  • Enjoy Free Voice Calls & Voice Chat with our Voice Chatrooms with Strangers If you love doing voice calls with random strangers on the internet and like to talk to people on voice calls, then our free voice chat will let you speak with strangers in real time. You can chat with new people and make new friends in our free audio chat rooms with strangers. Voice calls are much more fun then our traditional text chat. Try it you will love speaking with other strangers and hear their voices.

  • Real People & No Bots! Our chat site is the best Omegle Random Chat Rooms Alternative & Random Chat Roulette Alternative out there. We work very hard to keep bots away from our site. We make sure that you always get connected with real people.

  • We have always online users from over 220+ countries world wide including UK, USA, Europe, Asia, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Netherlands, Canada and much more.

  • Improves health: Okay you might roll your eyes at this one, but really it has been proven people who have a good relationship with their neighbors’ stays safe from heart attacks. Talking to people in a bus or a train can make your journey interesting; anyone who loves to talk on a commute to random strangers can vouch for it. Having many friends can have positive impact on your health and overall well being.

  • Free mobile chat website is compatible with all devices and browsers, including Android, iOS, tablets. You can chat on mobile smoothly.

  • Meet with people from all ages, genders and countries , young, adults, teens, kids, boys, girls, males, females. Talk to strangers online. You can also do free video chat with strangers on our partner sites.

  • Our new TWS Chat & TWS Chatting apps allow you to talk to multiple people in a group chat. You can send pictures, voice messages and files to other strangers in the chat room. To chat with strangers and meet multiple people in international chat rooms. You can also do free chatting global TWS Chatting on our partner sites.

  • Free Chat Avenue Without Registration Instant Live Chat. Stop waiting for other people to respond back. All our users are as excited to freely chat anonymously with strangers in chatrooms. as you are.

  • Join our Free Online ChatRooms community to talk to real people online and meet strangers from all over the world. Chat with woman and females online, meet them in random chat, omegle chat, free chat rooms, text chat, or chat roulette. If you were finding free chat rooms no registration ,free chat room , chat to strangers, chat alternative, chat online, chat rooms without registration,chatstep or just want to talk to strangers. This is the most popular chat site on the planet.

  • New Online Users on our website increase everyday, so you will always meet new people no matter how many times you use our chat site. If you are looking for a girl friend or boyfriend online to chat with. Lot of our people want to talk, gossip, chatter, speak, converse, engage in conversation, tittle-tattle, prattle (on), jabber. They all have amazing personalities and we can assure you that you will find someone best to talk to.
  • Our latest new chatrooms for 2019 include, text strangers, fun chat, flirt chat free chat and many more.

If you are from a specific country, and are finding talking partners from a different country or from your own local country or city, we have international & local chatrooms for you. Below is a list of top ones.

  1. If you are american, and want to talk to american people, american girls, american boys, Join our American chatroom.
  2. If you are indian, and want to talk to indian people, indian girls, indian boys, Join our indian chatroom.
  3. If you are british, and want to talk to british people, british girls, british boys, Join our british chatroom.

Why Roulette Chat & Random Chat Roulette Sites Are Fun ?
Which is the best Chat Roulette Alternative?

Chatrouletteis an online chat website that pairs random users for webcam-based conversations . Visitors to the website begin an online chat (text, audio, and video) with another visitor. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.

Chat Roulette - is the most popular video chat, which is built on the principle of roulette: You never know who will be connected when you click "Next." ChatRouletteallows you to chat via webcam, chat with a random companion through the microphone, to correspond with the keyboard. This video chat offers you to meet and chat with Russian girls and guys. This is an anonymous chat: your identity will not be known and you can feel completely safe.

Chatroulette is a unique form of video chat. Here, everything happens by chance. By pressing the "start" button and starting the roulette , you will be launched into an exciting conversation with a complete stranger. If you don't like the partner selected for you by destiny, you can always choose another person with whom you wish to spend an hour, maybe an evening, or even a lifetime. It all depends on what you want.

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